Colleen Oakley's articles, essays and interviews have been featured in The New York Times, Ladies' Home Journal, Marie Claire, Women's Health, Redbook, Parade, Fitness, Health, Martha Stewart Weddings, Woman's Day, Shape, Pregnancy & Newborn and Breathe. Her (sometimes controversial) opinions can also be found on

Before  she was a freelance writer, Colleen was editor-in-chief of Women's Health & Fitness and senior editor at Marie Claire. And then she realized she preferred working in her pajamas  better.
Her first television appearance was on the Today Show discussing a Marie Claire essay about her sex life, so, no, there's not much you can say or do that will embarrass her.
During the time she has been waiting to win an Ellie, Colleen has racked up various other prestigious awards including: highest math SAT score at her high school, fastest beer funneler in her freshman dorm and she is the current title holder of Scrabble Champion (against her mom).

Colleen is currently hard at work on her first novel (coming in Jan. 2015, Simon & Schuster), but she is also available for freelance writing and editing assignments. You can contact her here.